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We bring you where standard transport cannot take you.

City-explorer stands personalised tours in a private mini bus. We, Dolf and Tahar are your guide in Dutch cities. Most of all Amsterdam of course. We were classmates in the Tourguide class in 2016. We specialize in personalised tours.

We were both born and raised in Amsterdam. But as an extra plus it is nice to know that Dolf's mother was born in 1921 in Kinderdijk here on the picture below. 

Kinderdijk is at least an hour drive away from Amsterdam.

Call us anytime!
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Stop-over tour.

If you just have a stop-over at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with some hours to kill we can pick you up at the airport for a quick visit to any destination in and around Amsterdam.
For example, we bring you straight from the airport to the Nightwatch and back. And if you want we to we can arrange tickets*. We wait for you so you will be back at the airport for your connecting flight.

*Tickets for All Rembrandt (till June 10th 2019) are hard to get at short notice. You should try to make a booking yourself if you want to be sure. See:
But you can allways watch the Nightwatch which is publicly being restored from Juli 2019. A special restoration tank will be built.

Or we take you for a short visit to see the Zaanse Schans where the windmills give spectacular view. 

A great place to take pictures and video's if the weather is right.

Rembrandt for example..

In the car we can give you tips what to look for once we are on our destination. Here you can already see the details of the crackle of the Nightwatch.

Or we tell you where you can see Rembrandts signature on the painting. Look below the foot of the girl in the picture.

Yes, there it is.

We also give you tips to prolongue your enjoyment. For example you can take an even much closer look at the Nightwatch whem you return home. We will tell you how.



Our drivers know their way around.

Tahar and his colleagues know the perfect spots to drop you off. This guarantees a maximum utilisation of the time you have available. Our mini vans provide comfortable transportation and we can keep an eye on your valuable luggage in our bus.

So you see:
* maximum use of your time,
* no hassle
* personal transportation straight to the(your) interesting spots around Amsterdam and back to the airport again in time. 
* o
r transportation back to your hotel off course if that is what you desire.

We are qualified guides.
That guarantees you special experiences in Holland.

We were classmates in the Dutch Tourguide Class in 2016. With many of our classmates we cover a wide area of languages.

At our graduation we presented our professors with a copy of a famous Rembrandt painting in which their own heads had been photoshopped in the image. You can see, having fun is very important when you hire us.

Below you see the old seal of the city of Amsterdam. It symbolises the quality we aim to stand for.